Current members:

Diana van der Ven
Started PhD project 01/2020
Within the project BuBble Gun, my task is to investigate the interaction of liquid jets with (human) skin, and elucidate the mechanisms of skin-entry and drug delivery.
Jelle Schoppink
Started PhD project 01/2020
Within the BuBble-gun project I investigate laser-induced thermocavitation in a microfluidic cell.
Dawid Surdeko
Started PhD project 08/2019
Within the UCOM project, I work on surface manipulation and volume control of ultrasonic cavitation.
Akash Raman
Started PhD project 08/2019
As part of the MCEC program, I want to improve the current state of understanding of bubble generation and transport in photoelectrochemical systems under continuous flow conditions.
Pep Canyelles Pericas Joined as postdoc in 11/2019, to work on the Make It Sense programme to stimulate cross faculty collaborations and industrial engagement in sensing technology.

Past members (since 2014)

PeriodNameProject/TitleCurrent job
02/2017 – 12/2018 PostdocLoreto Oyarte GalvezNeedle-free injectionVU Amsterdam / Postdoc (academy)
01/2015 – 12/2018 PhDPeter van der LindeElectrolytic bubblesVDL (industry)
10/2017- 11/2019 MScKatharina CuNeedle-free injectionKarlsruhe Institute for TechnologyPhD (academy)
09/2018-08/2019 ResearcherMaria F. PappaterraBuBble Bag cavitationTU/DelftMSc (academy)
02/2017-02/2019 BSc & researcherMaria BrioSmart inksUTwenteMSc (academy)
04/2018-01/2019 MScJędrzej WinczewskiSmart inksUTwentePhD (academy)
04/2018-10/2018 BSc (Saxion)Femke HogenberkBuBble Bag cavitationUTwenteMSc (academy)Bonhoeffer College teacher
05/2018-10/2018 BSc Tim van der StarBuBble Bag cavitationUTwenteMSc (academy)?
02/2017-02/2018 Researcher (MSc)Laura Vargas LlonaCOPD cavitationUTwente (academy)
09/2016-05/2017BScIris WeijersNeedle-free injector (industrial design)UTwente MSc (academy)
01/2017-05/2017 BScAmaya Vesga GuitierrezBuBclean InternDell EMC (industry)
09/2016-01/2017 BScLara LeijtensBuBbclean sonicator (industrial-ATLAS)Persoonlijk proefschrift (industry)
09/2016-022017 BSc (Saxion)Alex van DrutenParticles in BuBble bagsUTwente (academy)
01/2016-07/2016 MSc, ErasmusFilipe GomesExfoliation in BuBble Bags (UNova-Portugal)Galp (industry)
10/2014-02/2015 BScAndres GaldamesBuBclean experimentsCERN (academy)
07/2015-10/2015BScYouling LiuBuBclean experimentsPurdue PhD (academy)
09/2014-12/2016 Erasmus & MScSilvia di CapreraCavitation experimentsBonetti Simonetta (industry)
01/2014-12/2014MSc (Saxion)Thijs ZanderinkUltrasonic cleaningWaste Treatment Technologies (industry)
04/2014-07/2018 BSc and MScSebastiaan A. WismanProton transport in porous materialsUTwente PhD (academy)
10/2017-04/2018 MScJone FuentesBuBclean intern (commercial)Kutzabank (industry)


PeriodNameProjectCurrent job
07-09/2018MScDagoberto TorresCONACYT projectmicrofluidicsUANL, MexicoMSc (academy)
07-09/2018MScFrancisco Navarro FuentesElectrolytic bubbles Seville UniversityMSc (academy)
02-06/2017 MScIrene de Arcos-TurmoCOPD-Bubble sensor, PhD internship, Seville UniversityAir traffic controller (industry)
10/2014-11/2015 MScCarla BerrospeThermocavitation, CONACYT PhD visitor, INAOEUniversity California Riverside postdoc (academy)
02/2016 ProfJavier DávilaBubble phenomena, Seville University 

Closest collaborators

Assist. Prof.Miguel ModestinoGreenTech (electrochemistry)New York University
Prof.Ian HunterBioEngineering (needle-free injector)Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof.Gareth McKinleyBioEngineering (needle-free injector)Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof.Samir MitragotriBioEngineering (needle-free injector)Harvard University
Prof.Michel VersluisCavitationUniversity of Twente
Prof.Detlef LohseCavitationUniversity of Twente
Prof.Ruud VerdaasdonkBioEngineering (needle-free injector)University of Twente
Prof.Han GardeniersGreenTechUniversity of Twente